Can Affiliate Marketing Turn FinTech Industry On Its Head?

Can Affiliate Marketing Turn FinTech Industry On Its Head?

Technology has been integrating well with many industrial sectors, and the financial industry is no exception. Financial industries across the board have begun to reap the benefits of technological advancements, including asset management, stock trading, insurance, and real-time banking. Technology is considered a holy grail for the financial sector, and its transcendental experience is apparent on all fronts of this sector.

As a result of the insurgence of these technological advancements in the financial sector, we coined the term “FinTech.” FinTech has off-late made mobile payments, transferring money, viewing online bank statements, claiming and settling insurance claims, mutual fund investments, and stock trading, a hands-down affair. The slew of benefits of technological advancement has got the financial industry talking.

So, Besides All These Technological Innovations, Why Does The Marketing Sector Remain In The Lurch?

The key to success with our FinTech product is marketing it effectively. No matter how great it is, it will only succeed with effective marketing. A sorted marketing plan with a clear CTA, personalized and customized approach helps to ratchet up sales, acquire high-value new customers and meet performance goals.

What Is FinTech Marketing?

FinTech Marketing includes a cocktail of Affiliate Marketing strategies in FinTech (financial technology) firms. It includes automating the existing financial services and products and revamping the existing businesses. FinTech Marketing has broadened the scope of existing companies by increasing the number of financial service offerings on your mobile app or website.

FinTech Marketing has not only gained wide acceptability among the general audience but has also spurred customer engagement. It has up the game of the existing financial industry by reinventing the current way of working. There has also been a paradigm shift in how customers view making online short-term and long-term investments and are poised to take risks on their financial instruments.

How Is Affiliate Marketing Beneficial For FinTech Businesses?

Since 2018, the FinTech industry has ballooned from $112 billion to an estimated $310 billion in 2023, doubling the industry value in only five years. It is made possible through the rapid pace of affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is going with all guns blazing with the building up of FinTech brands. With Affiliate Marketing in the saddle, FinTech products have found their place across geographies and devices and have spawned businesses.

Let Us See How FinTech businesses Are Taking Cues From Affiliate Marketing Practices

  1. Targeting Premium Customer Segment: With financial technology firms sprawling in the market, building trust and gaining customer confidence is an underlying challenge for these entities. Hence, we have devised marketing strategies to make the original business come to life with much fanfare among its audience. A crop of high-quality influencers and affiliates play a substantive role in furthering the sales of products by donning the hat of an advisor for their customers. Affiliates take a hard look at their customer’s online activities and thereby prescribe the correct fit of products to these customers. With their diplomatic tactics, these affiliates can connect with the right people across different geographies to proffer their products for sale.

  2. Cost-Effective and Result-Oriented Model: Affiliate Marketing is a purely performance-based fee model wherein commissions drive actual sales. There is no upfront cost of investment or no outlay of money for impressions and clicks. A multi-tiered, flexible commission model may generate revenue on a shoestring budget.

  3. Regulatory Measures are well-adhered to by the Brands: Adherence to regulatory norms is vital in any financial sector. Hence, marketing strategies are well-calibrated to enforce compliance measures meeting the guidelines of the affiliate program along with FTC and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

  4. Delivering Agility to Businesses: The FinTech marketing program is at the helm of affiliate marketers who can onboard their partners based on their discretion. They are minding other aspects of marketing like disbursing commission, payout, distribution materials, and engaging in promotional messaging that is again optimized based on need-to-need.

  5. Leveraging Advanced Technologies and Advanced Analytics is at the Heart: Affiliate Marketing remains avant-garde with its profusion of the latest technologies and tools, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and blockchain. A combination of advanced technologies, data, and analytics allows you to gain insights into audience behavior and preferences and coast you toward long-term success with optimized campaigns, segmented audiences, and personalized content. Affiliate marketing leads to an increase in awareness and education about the use of FinTech products and services.

    To round up, although affiliate marketing can influence customer acquisition and brand awareness within the FinTech industry but in the long run, it is unlikely that FinTech will be turned upside down by Affiliate Marketing alone. A highly regulated FinTech ecosystem, its adaptability and responsiveness to current trends, and customers’ skepticism of new marketing strategies influence Affiliate Marketing to a greater extent.

Best Partners For Financial Services Affiliate Marketing

  1. Comparison Platform: With this platform, we can draw analogies between different financial instruments. We make apple-to-apple comparisons between policies and returns using set filter criteria such as lump sum payouts, monthly payouts, and duration of returns.

  2. Community and Content Publishers: Blogs and other financial sites offer valuable information to consumers scouting for expert advice, reviews, and suggestions or recommendations. Hence, we pay affiliates their due share of commission when they promote and sell FinTech products on these websites.

  3. Influencer Websites: It is hard to stomach a recommendation made by strangers on their websites compared to any influencer. Influencer recommendations for FinTech products are a definite head-turner for you.

  4. Deal and Coupon Partners: Sweetens the deal between customer and affiliate FinTech partner with an exclusive list of coupons, promo codes, and discounts from premium online brands.

  5. Loyalty and Rewards by Affiliates: Physical or digital rewards like cashback, gift cards or vouchers, and reward points are always fancy in the eyes of FinTech customers.

These partners lay the effectiveness of affiliate marketing practice in the FinTech industry. Although affiliate marketing-related partners remain in the saddle of FinTech transactions, it is not enough to metamorphose FinTech alone.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Impact Some Of The Innovative FinTech Solutions Offerings?

  1. Peer-to-Peer Lending Affiliate Program: These affiliate programs provide a workable solution for sending money overseas to your family and friends in a heartbeat. These programs are the most secure online platforms to connect people across geographical boundaries. Businesses acting as borrowers can utilize this option to transfer payment between them and lending firms.

  2. Credit Scoring Affiliate Program: Now, renting a home and securing a loan or insurance is easy-peasy with affiliate programs that offer credit score monitoring and provide debt management support. Scores of automated credit education tools with an AI-driven financial product recommendation engine succor you in improving your creditworthiness and clear the air when it comes to deciding how much to disburse in all circumstances. As a result, you may not only rebuild your credit score but also strengthen your credit profile.

  3. Insurance Affiliate Programs: In search of sage insurance advice on insurance plans and premiums per se? An array of Insurance affiliates are out and about in the market to provide you with hacks on the best (and cheapest) insurance plans for yourselves. You will get paid every time your audience purchases an insurance product. These products include Auto, Homeowners Insurance, and Life Insurance Products.

  4. Leveraging AI for FinTech Products: AI can weed out financial risks by providing additional security. It is made possible through facial, fingerprint, speech identification, and encryption techniques. AI will be in action on all fronts, be it the use of personalized and tailor-made products or intelligent robots and chatbots or coming up with resilient simulations and forecast mechanisms in asset management to leveraging lending apps in FinTech or opting for loan risk assessment, etc.

  5. eWallet Affiliate Programs: By referring new users to specific eWallet platforms, you can earn attractive commissions from these third-party platforms. These e-wallet affiliate programs give you an intuitive and seamless experience like free VIP Upgrades with only one click, following your progress with daily updated reports, detailed commission and all your existing and new referrals overview, requesting early commission payments, etc. The whole experience is a pushover for your audience to use their eWallet services. It boosts conversion and increases your earning potential. They are also customized for online gambling, betting, forex trading, and e-commerce ensuring high user satisfaction and retention rates, leading to increased affiliate earnings.

Affiliate marketing disrupts the FinTech industry by leveraging its digital capabilities to reach a wider audience. Through effective referral programs and strategic partnerships, FinTech companies can exploit the power of affiliate marketing to expand their user base and geographical reach and increase ROI. But, however impactful it may be, it cannot upend the FinTech industry to the hilt.

Essentials Of A FinTech Marketing Strategy

  1. Mobile Marketing is taking FinTech Marketing to the fore: Mobile marketing is pushing all the boundaries to provide a personalized, easily accessible service to all its customers. Mobile phones today offer easy navigation and a straightforward interface, bucking the marketing trend. Mobile apps and digitization tactics have repurposed the marketing paradigm in the financial sector.

  2. Social Media Marketing holds its heft in FinTech Marketing: Social media marketing can be a potent force to multiply your FinTech business by many folds. Audiences have taken kindly to the social media outreach and engagements resulting in an uptick in your sale of FinTech products.

  3. Gamification keeps you on the edge of your seat: One thing that has always hooked customers is the element of fun and enjoyment through online games, puzzles, and quizzes. By incorporating all these tactics, you can egg on customers to purchase products in exchange for reward points. As they reach their goals on the game leaderboard, they earn badges.

  4. Riveting content will always take the spotlight: Nothing can beat the charm of engaging content. You will come to naught in your marketing efforts if your content is not compelling. Without a clear sales message, customers will disregard your products. A lackluster write-up devastates your business reputation.

  5. Influential Content Marketing will always keep you from losing on anyone: You must accompany well-written content with high-profile content marketing tactics. Blogs, infographics, data, case studies, facts, figures, videos, infographics, demos, tutorials, ebooks, user guides, and how-to videos can give you a good headstart over your competitors.

By implementing all these strategies, affiliates reinforce the trust factor with their customers in agreement with FinTech dynamics. However, by all this, inferring that affiliate marketing can turn the FinTech industry on its head will be an overstatement.

How Does Offer18 Offer The Best Software For FinTech 2023?

Offer18 offers purpose-built software that provides strategic services to FinTech brands of all sizes. It addresses your affiliate marketing needs, further your objectives, and generates tangible results. It provides all the necessary insights and services to elevate your business to unprecedented heights. Offer18 has endowed itself with breathtaking capabilities like anti-fraud and compliance mechanisms in adherence to financial regulations.

By accepting traffic from multiple platforms, such as Web, iOS, and Android, generating detailed real-time reports, and paying dynamic payouts, Offer18 software adds a flourish to marketing. Through this software you can incentivize affiliates when they bring traffic from some high-performing sources, resulting in higher ROI for their businesses. By tried and tested methods, it becomes easy to manage simultaneous campaigns and measure their performance versus set goals.


Affiliate Marketing is a true game changer to existing Fintech businesses. It will rake in enormous profits for them. With the increased digitalization, FinTech marketing does not vanish soon. The chances are high that it would not melt away in the long run. The pandemic has transformed digital services like financial technology from luxuries to necessities. FinTech Marketing has become so commonplace that it has made inroads into our smidgen of financial transactions.

Over the past few years, we have ingrained mobile banking, digital payments, and other online financial management practices into our daily lives. The definition of currency has changed from handheld money to digital online currency. Affiliate Marketing for online banking is meant for all things good and has effectively superseded our physical movement to banks and financial institutions. It has saved time and money, enabled smarter financial decisions, and reduced stress. Hence, as a business, you must align your sales and marketing strategies with the FinTech sector in an effective manner to stay relevant and ahead of the game.

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