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Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software for Precise Analytics

Go beyond basic geo-targeting by incorporating carrier and language preferences to ensure your campaigns reach the right audience. Our affiliate marketing tracking software is specifically designed for this task. To achieve accurate analytics and effectively track your business's affiliate performance, choose the best tracker available.

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Tracking and Analytics

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Multiple Campaign models

Utilize ad budget more efficiently by integrating campaigns with a widely used affiliate pricing model. With our affiliate link tracking software, you can save on extra costs and enhance your business growth.

Event Funnel

Marketers use attribution events to track a user's journey through a campaign after making a conversion. With our services, you can lead in your niche market. Offer18 is the right Affiliate Software to improve your affiliate marketing.

Cookie Less Tracking (S2S)

Users will be accurately attributed to the site regardless of where they surf the internet or the device they use. To avoid any irrelevant links or cookies, have the best Affiliate Link Tracker from our team.

Probabilistic Attribution

Evaluate the effectiveness of advertising strategies even when deterministic device IDs are rarely available. Technology can help in this part. The use of specific affiliate software can enhance efficiency.

Accurate Attribution With The Best Affiliate Tracker

Configure attribution parameters for every touchpoint in the user journey according to priority. Our partner tracking software handles various types of attribution, including click/ads attribution, position-based attribution, and data-driven attribution. Every parameter is meticulously managed, making our campaign tracking platform highly versatile. This allows you to seamlessly transfer and incorporate any additional information you may need later on.

Performance Analytics with Offer18 Campaign Tracker

Reports are enhanced with real-time measuring filters that provide crystal-clear metrics. Offer18's Affiliate Link Tracking Software, combined with our performance tracking software, is the best option for obtaining real-time records.

Click Tracking

Gain insight into advertising spend once users click. Our affiliate marketing tracking software offers a single place to monitor, compare, and optimize marketing links. Keep it simple and quick with our services.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking can help you to know how a single click can lead to valuable user activity. The affiliate marketing tracking software from Offer18 can track this.

Real Time Actionable Insights

Real-time reporting improves campaign performance and increases ad spend results.

Multi Metrics Analysis

Explore performance, sources, device, timing, and count reports with over 87 metrics, all this with performance tracking software. Our team will make it easy for you.

KPI Analysis

Using performance tracking software, you can see if a campaign matches your KPI as well as compare event reports. This will increase productivity as per your objectives.

Postback Logs

You no longer have to wait for logs from partners to identify postback integration errors. Keep your affiliate tracking system strong with Offer18's affiliate marketing tracking software.

Easy to Export

You can easily export reports to Excel as pivot tables, charts, and other formats for in-depth analysis. Keep a record of your performance and reach the heights with hidden tactics.

Metrics Template

Adding templates is easy with Offer18's customized options, allowing you to add as many as you need. Take advantage of the best offers from our team of experts.

Audience Targeting

Targeting extends beyond Geos to device type, carrier, and audience segmentation. Our affiliate marketing software is not limited to specific features only. Rely on us for every parameter and get it done.

Deep Link Attribution

In order to increase sales, it allows partners to use their best-performing landing pages. To add value to your links, the best affiliate link tracker from us can be a helping hand.

Periodic Schedule

Make campaign schedules based on the advertiser's start and end dates to avoid unnecessary traffic. Our software picks fraud and filters only trusted sites.

Dynamic Payout

Customisable payout tiers based on campaign requirements for publishers to gain the most significant ROI. This will improve performance, too. In short, performance tracking software will make you aware of all the details in advance.

Pre Landing & Landing Pages

Display ads to the most accurate audience with pre-landing pages and multiple landing pages. Try Offer18 affiliate marketing tracking software for top-class services.

Multi Level Capping

You can cap revenue budgets, clicks, conversions, and affiliate payouts with rule-based offer capping, all with one click. Offer18 is the name you have to look for.

Affiliate Tracker Campaign Optimization

An optimization solution provides the insights and flexibility needed to offer affiliates relevant, engaging tracking URLs while preserving the tracking ability. Our campaign tracking software maintains efficient and reliable tracking throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a tracking platform for affiliate marketing is important. It monitors campaign performance, tracks conversions, optimizes strategies, and accurately attributes sales to affiliates, improving campaign effectiveness and ROI.

Use affiliate marketing tracking software to keep track of all your affiliate programs. It allows you to monitor clicks, conversions, and earnings across multiple programs in one place, simplifying analysis, optimization, and accurate performance tracking.

Offer18's tracking system uses advanced technologies to accurately monitor and analyze the performance of your affiliate marketing campaigns. It employs reliable tracking methods to provide real-time insights into clicks, conversions, and other crucial metrics.

Offer18's tracking features include granular reporting, conversion tracking, and multi-channel attribution. These tools empower you to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns, identify high-performing channels, and make data-driven decisions for optimization.

Offer18 employs cross-device tracking mechanisms to ensure accurate attribution across different devices. This enables you to understand the complete customer journey and optimize your campaigns for a seamless and consistent user experience.

Absolutely! Offer18's tracking system is designed to accommodate businesses with geographical audiences. It supports multiple currencies and languages, providing the versatility needed to effectively track and optimize campaigns on a global scale.

Yes, Offer18's tracking system is built to efficiently handle large-scale affiliate marketing campaigns. Its robust infrastructure and scalable architecture ensure that businesses can manage and track a high volume of clicks, conversions, and data points seamlessly. This scalability makes it an ideal solution for businesses running extensive affiliate marketing campaigns with a diverse range of affiliates and promotional activities.