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User Guide for Beginners

Offering comprehensive details about the Platform, as well as who can benefit from the services and how they can use it.

User Guide for Affiliate marketing

Whom do our services serve?

Whether you have a startup or a well-established business, our high-quality tracking platform will provide you with precise statistics. Here, you can access the results and monitor the performance of campaigns.

Affiliate Networks

One platform to track, measure, and modernize the process of affiliate networks.

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A connecting node of advertisers with consumers by selling them publisher’s unsold website ad slots.

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Fintech Industry

Get full visibility on customers' engagement with your brand on a variety of platforms.

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Gathers data from all areas to boost online sales and analyze it to uncover consumer behavior.

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Tracking and Analysis

Go beyond geo to include carriers & languages and deliver campaigns to the correct audience.

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Anti Fraud Kit

The high-security tool identifies fraudulent traffic sources and alerts the user to take action.

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Automation Tools

Digital ads can be made cost-effective, which boosts revenue with this tool.

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Personalization Capabilities

Provide a complete white-label solution to partners, through which you can display your brand.

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What services do we entail?

Our services are intended to achieve the core objective, which is profit maximization. Once the campaign is live, all user interactions with the offer URL will be recorded in real-time in your admin dashboard.

Dashboard Overview

Offer18 Dashboard

Initial Steps to Follow After logging in to the Dashboard

Add an Advertiser

An advertiser is a merchant or brand that wants to sell its products and services and provides an offer URL to promote it further. So initially, create an advertiser account in the dashboard by filling in the basic details.

Set up an Affiliate

An affiliate, commonly known as a publisher or promoter, advertises the products or services on behalf of the advertiser. Making an affiliate account follows a similar procedure to creating an advertiser account.

Create an Offer

An offer is an ad promoted digitally with Offer URL. This offer URL is provided by the advertiser. Also, you can set the targeting, upload creatives and deploy additional features such as capping, fallback etc.

Further steps to smoothly track the performance of your campaigns

You have completed the basic steps, now is the time to continue with the integration steps so that you can swiftly track and monitor the performance metrics in your admin dashboard.

Step 4
Advertiser Integration
To receive conversions on your platform, you have to provide the postback URL to the advertiser.
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Step 5
Testing with Advertiser
Verify your setup with the advertiser by sharing a test link and check the logs from “Test Reports”.
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Step 6
Integration with Affiliate
To take your campaign live and get traffic, first share the tracking link with your affiliate.
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Step 7
Managing and Testing Affiliate
Add the postback URL of your affiliate, run the testing, and review it in the postback test logs.
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Step 8
Multi-Rule Capping
Apply various types of capping rules based on revenue, budgets, clicks, conversions, affiliate payout, etc.
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Step 9
Analyzing the real-time Statistics
Get real-time campaign performance insights with more than 80 fields in the Reports/Logs section.
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Step 10
Import Data
You can import the data of affiliates, advertisers, offers, and conversions from any platform to Offer18.
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Step 11
Advertiser & Affiliate Postback
To check postbacks are being recorded at your end and getting fired to your affiliate correctly.
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Step 12
It is used to send bulk emails to your partners, but for that SMTP setup is mandatory.
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Step 13
Employee Management
You can create an employee account, manage it, and allow specific permissions to them.
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Step 14
Setting and Customization
In settings, you can add, configure, and customize the information based on your requirement.
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Step 15
To check invoices, raise billing tickets, view and change plans, and analyze usage.
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