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Digital ads can be made even more efficient and cost-effective when using automation tools that boost revenue while lowering expenditures.

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At Offer18, we truly understand the digital advertising landscape. Our Automation suite is designed to propel your campaigns to new heights. It harnesses the power of cutting-edge technologies. Explore how our automation tools redefine efficiency. They boost revenue and revolutionize your approach to digital marketing. Offer18 believes that in the world of digital advertising, automation for marketing is more than a trend. It's a transformative force shaping the future of marketing. Experience the Future of Digital Marketing with Offer18 Automation.

Offer Automation

Offer Automation stands at the forefront of campaign optimization. It dynamically adjusts strategies based on conversions and customer retention metrics. Discover a proactive approach that goes beyond traditional marketing. Ensure every campaign achieves its maximum impact. It fosters long-term relationships with your audience.

  Threshold Management

Efficient threshold management is the backbone of successful campaign automation. It acts as a safeguard, maintaining a delicate balance to maximize campaign effectiveness.

  Multi Metrics

In the world of offer automation, multiple metrics play a pivotal role. Analyze diverse performance indicators beyond the conventional. This fosters informed decision-making and drives campaigns toward success.

  Trusted Source

Offer automation thrives on the foundation of a trusted source for data. It further ensures the accuracy and reliability of data sources.

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Offer Automation

Link Tester

Step into the world of digital marketing with our Link Tester. It's a game-changer that provides instantaneous results based on Geo/Device redirection. Identify partner network engagement rates in real time. Gain a comprehensive view of your campaign's performance.

  Custom URL

The Custom URL functionality within the Link Tester adds a layer of personalisation. It allows you to tailor campaigns according to specific audiences with precision.

  Geos Specific

The Link Tester provides geo-specific insights. You can use these to refine targeting strategies. Capture the attention of diverse audiences across different geographical locations.

  Broken Link Detection

Detects and rectifies broken links with the Link Tester. This feature becomes a safeguard, preserving the integrity of campaigns. It also maintains partner network relationships.

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Link Tester

Offer Sync

Offer Sync streamlines the integration of campaigns with advertising platforms and tracking systems. Fetch campaigns effortlessly with just a few clicks. This eliminates data entry manually and reduces errors.

  150+ API Partners

Offer Sync has extensive integration capabilities. It spans over 150 API partners. This exemplifies its versatility. Maximize your reach and potential audience engagement.

  Easy to set up

Offer Sync is known for its simplicity in setup. It empowers you with an intuitive interface and straightforward configuration. Accelerate the onboarding process.

  Auto Sync

Offer Sync's automatic synchronization feature eliminates manual intervention. It ensures that campaigns are always up to date.

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Offer Sync

Smart Offer

The Automated Smart Offer transforms the landscape of automated affiliate marketing. It redirects traffic to the most relevant offers based on tracking URLs. Optimize the user experience and boost conversion rates with this powerful tool.

  1 Click Setup

The simplicity of a one-click setup for Smart Offer epitomizes efficiency. This streamlines the process of optimizing affiliate traffic with unparalleled ease.

  Weightage Distribution

Automated Smart Offer introduces weightage distribution. It allows you to assign priority to specific offers based on predefined criteria.

  Traffic Optimization

The essence of Smart Offer lies in its ability to optimize traffic dynamically. This fosters a symbiotic relationship between marketers and their audiences.

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Smart Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

Offer18's automation features include automated campaign management, real-time alerts, and smart optimization tools. These features empower businesses to streamline their affiliate marketing processes, saving time and enhancing overall efficiency.
Automation simplifies repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on strategic aspects of your campaigns. With Offer18's automation, you can set rules, automate reporting, and optimize campaigns dynamically, leading to improved performance and higher ROI.
Yes, Offer18 provides customizable automation settings to align with your specific business objectives. Whether it's adjusting start date/ end date, automating payouts, or optimizing CR of campaign, you have the flexibility to tailor automation to suit your unique needs.
Absolutely! Whether you're launching a new affiliate program or managing an existing one, Offer18's automation features are designed to cater to businesses at any stage. Automation enhances efficiency and effectiveness, regardless of the size or maturity of your affiliate program.
Offer18 prioritizes user-friendliness in its automation interface. With an intuitive dashboard and easy-to-use settings, businesses can quickly adapt to and leverage the power of automation without the need for extensive technical expertise.