Migration to Offer18 has made Elakrity International Feature-Rich and Automated

Migration to Offer18 has made Elakrity International Feature-Rich and Automated

With more than three years of experience in affiliate marketing, Elakrity International specializes in direct in-app traffic. At Elakrity International, the team works on the latest techniques for reaching active users and fruitfully engaging them.

The growing use of smartphones makes it imperative for Elakrtiy International to display valuable content tailored to the right audience at the right time on their mobile applications. Their goal was to have a platform that would allow them to reach out to users through the apps they downloaded and consistently engage with them during the acquisition, activation, and retention stages of their mobile lifecycle.

Recently, its Ad Operations Manager, who leads a team of more than ten, shared his experience with Offer18. Below are the details in this regard.

Key Highlights

  • The advanced features of Offer18 help improve the ranking of existing apps, reach a broad consumer base, increase engagement, and increase mobile app downloads.
  • Using Offer18 helped lower the tracking costs. The automated tracking of all sales, leads, clicks, and other metrics has helped to get the monkey’s off Elakrity’s back. It has eliminated the need for manual monitoring and reduced the risk of errors and discrepancies in the data.
  • Offer18 apps offer advanced features such as geofencing, call logs, text messages, and social media monitoring. The app can send alerts to a designated number in an emergency.
  • Offer18 Smart Offer optimizes the traffic of the campaigns by ensuring that the leftover traffic is redirected to the most relevant campaigns and ends up performing the call to action.
  • Offer18 solves the primary problem in Offer Automation, where you do not need to test every campaign manually. You will be able to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously with your tool. By applying a few settings, you can get it to behave according to your wishes.

Main Vertical of your business for which you are using Offer18?

We use the ideal and hassle-free CPI campaign model for our business. We teed off with a targeted audience that enabled us to get better CPI results and better app engagement.

What challenges were you facing with your previous tracking services provider?

We faced swathes of challenges with our previous tracking service provider. In addition to lacking some basic features to determine the target audience, reaching out to them, or analyzing their behavior, there were fewer app downloads and less engagement with the existing apps campaigns.

We were left high and dry with APP scams that trick people or businesses into sending money to fraudsters posing as authentic payees. Victims of these scams suffered devastating consequences. Also, apps logos, descriptions, and uploaded creatives didn't have an appealing UI or were user-unfriendly.

How did Offer18 help you in growing your business and overcoming challenges?

Offer18 has chipped away the tracking costs to a bare minimum. There was an imminent need for the optimization of the tracking costs. There was also no mechanism to track in-app traffic expenses. With Offer18, our organization has a better platform for understanding our cash flow and overall financial position through its billing section.

The Offer18 platform tracks customer behavior and in-app purchases efficiently. The company has kept close surveillance on how apps perform against metrics that drive measurable app installations and can be used to monitor quality. Apart from this, impeccable data security measures and automated tools have helped profusely in reducing tracking costs.

Offer18 has also reduced the overall traffic costs for affiliates, and hence there is an increased traffic redirection from inactive to active users which has spiked the income. The automated tools pack a punch by maintaining tracking costs on an even keel.

Any special setup in which our support team did help you?

Offer18 has peppered the smart offer functionality to our existing systems. It has helped us to work in full spate by managing a spate of campaigns in one go rather than dealing with them separately. It is possible to link multiple campaigns to a single URL. The URL redirects traffic to the most relevant offer based on targeting parameters such as geographic location and device type. It helps to optimize different campaigns with varying configurations.

Smart Offer Functionality uses a rotational A/B Testing mechanism to ensure the right offer gets the right audience. It works on the automatic optimization of traffic by analyzing and measuring every attribution and generating revenue from every bit of traffic.

Most useful features in Offer18 for you?

Using Offer18's automation mechanism, we have addressed the manual processes that ran deep, and now we are getting back in shape. Automated features have simplified the management of incoming traffic from different partners. It has enabled us to filter out inactive affiliates or automatically block poorly performing traffic sources based on too-low or too-high conversion rates in real-time.

With the integration of automated tools into the existing platform, we can drive sterling traffic to the users mobile-optimized apps and campaigns. It has resulted in tapering off traffic losses and has redirected advertising campaigns to the right users.The system has skyrocketed affiliate traffic and has parallelly removed unwanted traffic.

The Offer18 has minimized fraud and app scams by using high-octane tools with enhanced security and controls to identify fraudulent traffic sources and duplicitous conversions. It keeps users on the ball to take relevant actions and filter out malicious traffic.

How would you rate Offer18 in the categories below? Rating from 5 to 1 (5 for best and 1 for worst)
  1. Customer Service – 4
  2. Features included – 4
  3. Ease of use – 5
  4. Value for money – 5
  5. Overall experience – 4.5

Would you like to recommend Offer18 to others?

Yes, we would like to recommend Offer18 to others in our immediate network. In light of the advantages offered by their platform, it becomes indispensable for us to tout their offerings to our family and friends.

Summarize Your Experience with Offer18

It's been a great time till now with Offer18. Over the past six months, we have been using their services and feel enamored by the help and assistance that they have provided to us. In our integration with them, they gelled up well with our team, and their rock-solid team had the spine for standing tall with us in meeting our desired goals from the ground up.

Introducing automated processes and tools to reduce tracking costs or develop Smart Offer mechanisms were all fronted by them, so kudos to them!

About Elakrity International

A company specializing in paid and organic in-app traffic, Elakrity International focuses on app-focused, data-driven affiliate marketing. They have been spearheading the App Marketing business for more than three years. The company uses cutting-edge technologies to reach a wide range of active users. They have gained prominence in providing a slew of app store optimization services leading to improved app rankings and driving organic app installs onto users’ mobiles.

Company Size: 10-50 Employees

Main Verticals: Mobile and Desktop

Market Presence: 3+ Years

Industries: Affiliate Marketing

Location: India

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