MOBSAI: Offer18 Top Notch Performance Tracking Solution Has Simplified our Migration Experience

MOBSAI: Offer18 Top Notch Performance Tracking Solution Has Simplified our Migration Experience

Mobsai has helped several brands in different countries reach their goals for lead conversion and the customer target set through our advanced methods and features. Mobsai invests in the utilization of various social media platforms to get relevant trends and patterns of target customers and work in that to conduct re-targeted ads.


  • Highly reliability
  • Ultimate satisfaction
  • Fraud conversations detection
  • Covering all aspects of advertising

Reason of Migration

The reason for our migration is the undeniable superiority of Offer18 over all other platforms. The features delivered by Offer18 span across campaign automation, transparent reporting of analytics, user-intuitive interface, scalability, and security, amongst others. There is no doubt that these features were compelling enough to motivate our migration.

For which Campaign models/verticals are you using Offer18?

We are using Offer18 to run various types of campaign models based on our client's needs, but our main focus is the CPL campaign model.

Which features do you believe are most useful in Offer18?

The feature of Offer18 we found most useful is the fraud fender feature which has aided us to prevent losses due to fraudulent traffic sources and given us more confidence in the kind of lead conversions we attain.

How prompt the response you get from our support team?

Swift, and within minutes of calling out for support. The team is very efficient at issue resolution and deserves a 5- star rating.

Any special setup in which our support team did help you?

We have only had little cause to request support from the team due to the easily navigable nature of Offer18. Only on one occasion did we require a support team to help with Integration with a mobile attribution partner.

In Short Review

We are pleased to say that after 3 years of working with Offer18, we have only experienced nothing but satisfaction. Offer18 has outdone themselves in light of the various advanced features they offer to cover all aspects of advertisement management. Another aspect we are highly pleased with is the ability to detect fraudulent traffic sources and report fake conversions. We also recommend Offer18 for its high reliability and cost-effectiveness.

About Mobsai

MOBSAI has been in existence since 2016 and offers marketing operations to several publishers and advertisers to help them reach their target mobile audience.

Company Size: 10 Employees

Verticals: Mobile, Desktop

Market Presence: 5+ Years

Industries: Performance Marketing

Location: India

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