Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best Partner Management Software

Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best Partner Management Software

Managing business partnerships gets challenging as your business grows. The more partners you get, the more complex it is to manage them "by hand". That's why the partner management software is perfect in such situations.

With many tools and features available, the best partner management software you choose will help you streamline the collaboration, maintain healthy partnership relationships, and strengthen the common benefits you have.

Both small businesses and large enterprise companies can boost their partnerships with carefully chosen partner management software.

What is Partner Management Software?

Partner management software, or often referred as partner relationship management software helps you manage the partner programs like affiliate, referral, and reseller ones. These software solutions serve as a place to communicate with the partners, and keep all parties informed on every step.

Your PRM software helps you manage the partner efficiently, create an easy partner onboarding flow, and track referred leads and customers. It automates some processes, like partner payments, setting reminders, and automatically calculating the earnings and expenses, for more transparent communication.

When Do I Need PRM Software?

When partner relationships become difficult to manage, it's time to invest in partner management software. Sometimes, we think we can keep track of everything in an Excel table, but this may result in errors and ruined relationships.

We can say that you'll easily recognize when is the right time to start using PRM solutions. When you need a lot of time to handle the obligations to the partner, manage the payments, and monitor the workflow - it's obvious you need something more optimal and sophisticated - your new PRM software.

Important Note: Remember that partnership tools are just a few lines of code that won’t replace your negotiation capabilities and create new business relationships.

What Processes Partnership Management Includes?

Partnership management has plenty of layers that you need to handle alone. From partner negotiation to onboarding to joint business planning and signing the contract, there are so many phases you'll have to manage.

Luckily, the partnership management software can ease most of these steps for you. It's a valuable tool that enhances communication and collaboration while benefiting both sides, making the formal processes quicker and straightforward.

What Qualities should you look for in Partner Management Software?

The partner management software market is full of various products with extensive feature offerings. The best one among them enhances the partnership strategies with no unnecessary complex demands and functionalities. The right partner relationship management software should include non-negotiable qualities that improve collaboration, from a user-friendly interface to customization and flexibility.

So, here's a brief breakdown of what to look for in such software:

  • Performance Tracking and Analytics: Track, monitor, and analyze the partner performance to identify weaknesses and strengths. That way, the collaboration becomes even better.

  • Effective Integration: Ensure the software can integrate with your existing systems, such as CRM and marketing automation tools, to provide a cohesive and streamlined workflow.

  • Scalability: As your business and partner network grows, the software should be able to scale accordingly without compromising performance or functionality.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Consider the software's pricing structure and ensure it provides good value for the features and benefits it offers, aligning with your budget and ROI expectations.

Consider these qualities when looking for your best partnership management software, to get all the guaranteed benefits for your business.

Benefits of Choosing the Best Partner Management Software

When investing in company software, companies expect an extensive list of benefits that will ease the partnerships, collaborations, and workflows. Choosing the best partner management software provides numerous benefits to your organization, letting you manage and grow your partner ecosystem effectively. Here are some key benefits:

  • Better Partner Onboarding: Direct and clear onboarding processes help new partners get up to speed quickly, reducing the time it takes for them to start generating value for your business.

  • Improved Collaboration: Advanced communication and collaboration tools ease the interaction between your team and partners, fostering a more cooperative and productive partnership.

  • Better Performance Tracking: Detailed analytics and reporting features provide insights into partner performance, helping you identify high-performing partners and areas for improvement.

  • Increased Revenue: Optimize partner performance and streamlining operations so you can drive higher sales and revenue through more effective partnership management.

  • Customizable Incentive Programs: Tailored incentive programs can motivate partners to perform better, increasing their engagement and alignment with your business goals.

  • Cost Savings: By automating manual processes, you can achieve significant cost savings while improving overall operational efficiency.

By choosing the best partner management software, your company or organization becomes more effective in fostering partnerships, increased revenue, and sustained competitive advantage.

Why Choose Offer18 As Your Best Partnership Software?

Offer18 comes with all the benefits and features we described above. With the advanced tracking capabilities, it helps you track the partnership progress and take it one scale up when the right time comes. The reports and analytics give you an insight into trends and current strategies to optimize the collaboration, benefiting the two sides.

With the user-friendly interface, Offer18 lets everyone involved use the tool efficiently, resulting in effective collaboration and ultimately - revenue.

Built-in communication channels and collaboration tools help maintain clear, consistent, and effective interactions with your partners. With the personalized and anti-fraud approach, you can ensure you're getting the promised benefits, letting your business partnership network extend.

How does Offer18 Compare to Partner Relationship Management Alternatives?

While offering an optimized dashboard and intuitive workflow, Offer18 also delivers results and goes above and beyond expectations in fostering business partnerships.

Here's how it compares to some of the popular alternatives:

  • ZINFI - Targets mostly small businesses, offering a limited array of features, while Offer18 targets all business and company sizes.

  • Impartner PRM - The entry level price is a few times higher than the most expensive Offer18 package, with the same features to offer.

  • - While it's easy to use, it doesn't manage the partnerships so consistently as Offer18 can.

  • Channel Mechanics PRM - Easy and affordable, but the existing users often report poor performance.

  • Awin - It's easy to use and pretty affordable, but it still has problems with advanced filtering.

By embracing partnership management software for your business, you leave the limited performance tracking and poor communication in the past. That way, the risk for errors and delays is practically nonexistent, as well as the security concerns by sharing sensitive information through shared documents and tables.

How to Personally Know Offer18 is The Best Partnership Management Software For You?

While individual needs and preferences may vary from one person to another, there are a few qualities to ensure you're choosing right with Offer18:

  • Free Trials and Demos: Offer18 offers trials and demos so the user can experience the platform and its usability, and decide whether it fits their business partnership needs.
  • Read Testimonials and Case Studies: Check on the customer testimonials and case studies to get familiar with how Offer18 works and how it helped many to accomplish their business progress.
  • Talk to Offer18 Directly: The sales team is always ready to answer all your specific questions, reassuring you once again that you're making the right choice.
  • Compare Features: When in doubt, compare the Offer18 features with other similar platforms. That way, you know what you're getting with each available solution.

By researching and validating Offer18 through these steps, you can gain confidence in your decision and ensure that it aligns with your business needs and goals.


Choosing the right partnership management software shouldn't be a difficult task anymore. Let us guide you through the whole process by highlighting the important features and qualities to look for.

The market is practically oversaturated with similar software, but making the right choice makes a difference. So, analyze, compare, read reviews, and ask questions - all these steps will ultimately lead you to the final decision, ensuring you've chosen properly.

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