Migration to Offer18 Has Eliminated the Inefficiencies Faced By RapidMile

Migration to Offer18 Has Eliminated the Inefficiencies Faced By RapidMile

Rapidmile Business Solution Pvt Ltd has over four years of experience providing end-to-end affiliate marketing and business support services. It's impressive that they offer API design, building, publishing, and management services all in one place, making it easier for users to integrate APIs seamlessly.

Recently, we had a candid discussion with a Senior. Affiliate Executive in Rapidmile and the excerpts are as below:

Key Highlights

  1. The Offer18 platform has provided us with an intuitive system that is easy to use and appeals to developers and marketers alike- making campaign optimization accessible to everyone.
  2. The Offer18 team has provided us with a genuine 24/7 support service.
  3. Offer18 has made the API journey less complicated and more user-friendly by setting up APIs and enabling integration capabilities with other partners.

How did you face difficulties with your previous tracking service provider?

Working with our previous service provider has led us to face many predicaments. The overall platform was not easy to use, and handling day-to-day activities was becoming more cumbersome for us. The platform was not meeting our needs, and there were inordinate delays in customer service.

How did Offer18 assist you in ramping up your business and facing insurmountable challenges?

Using Offer18 services over two years, we could get through all our major nagging pains and insurmountable challenges. While battling issues, their responsiveness and problem-solving skills contributed to a positive user experience. The customer service team of Offer18 was dedicated enough to provide us with a quick and comprehensive solution that meets all our needs in one place. Their service was on a 24/7 basis, and with metronomic regularity, they have ensured that our experience remained seamless and productive.

Any special setup in which our support team aided you?

API integration capabilities and helpful documentation provided by Offer18 are vital aspects of their services. With their flexible end-to-end API Management Platform, data-driven marketers like us can make informed decisions and improve performance across all campaigns and channels. APIs are now easy to configure and integrate in real-time with our partners. The best part is that we can now centrally test and deploy APIs through a dedicated API gateway.

What is the most useful feature offered by Offer18 to you?

Advanced tracking capabilities, user-friendly interface, automation, and optimization features of the Offer18 team are highly appreciable. The mountain of good work done by Offer18 has made them a highly acclaimed company, and they have made a tangible difference for our company by driving substantial traffic and boosting conversions, resulting in increased revenue and enhanced overall performance.

Would you like to recommend Offer18 to others?

Yes, Definitely. Offer18 has shepherded our team in the best possible manner, and their perseverance and ingenuity are their calling cards to make them recommended to others.

Summarize Your Experience with Offer18.

Offer18 team has remarkable qualities that make them a highly coveted organization in the eyes of their clients and partners. Their performance speaks of their capabilities. Their unwavering commitment to their marketing craft, successful track record, and exceptional abilities make them a formidable force, making everyone wary of their marketing game. It is what has won our trust towards them and their reliable and transparent services.

About Rapidmile

With over four years of experience in affiliate marketing and business support services, Rapidmile demonstrates credibility, knowledge, and business acumen. Apart from this, they offer comprehensive solutions that include API design, building, publishing, and management, all under one roof, which is very convenient for users. It could be a valuable asset for businesses looking to streamline their API integration processes.

Company Size: 10+ Employees

Main Verticals: Mobile and Desktop

Market Presence: 4+ Years

Industries: Performance Marketing

Location: India

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