5 Best Performance Marketing Software

5 Best Performance Marketing Software

Performance marketing software is used to measure the campaign performance, track the ROI, and optimize the strategy to spend money efficiently. Measuring the campaign success is a priority in marketing departments, and helps in delivering personalized content to the target audience.

But why performance marketing platforms?

They're easy to use and convenient, as the user-friendly dashboard provides enough data to customize the next campaign properly. In the meantime, you keep track of all actions taken, like sending newsletters, opening rate, opting out rates, conversion from lead to buyer, effective clicks, etc.

That also means marketing departments and the responsible roles should choose appropriate tools to track performance. Finding the right one may be a challenge since there are many on the market.

Let’s help you figure this out:

1. Offer18

Offer18 is our platform made to help marketers and affiliates track and optimize the campaign progress. With an extensive feature array, like anti-fraud, link tester, and offer automation, we're helping take your marketing and advertising game to the next level.

The platform supports various industries, including eCommerce, fintech, and health & fitness, providing comprehensive solutions for optimizing marketing efforts. Offer18 also emphasizes customer support, seamless migration, and integration capabilities.

Check the pricing or contact us to request a free trial.

2. HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot Marketing offers functional tools for customer interaction and marketing campaign tracking. This solution is pretty easy to use, with straightforward navigation and advanced marketing analytics reporting.

Why does Offer18 win? The price point for the all-inclusive marketing reporting features makes the biggest difference. For companies that need to optimize their budget, getting more features for a better price point makes a huge difference.

3. PartnerStack

PartnerStack is a B2B software to connect with the right partners, track conversions, reward customers, and scale your progress. It's ideal for direct communication between the stakeholders. Track the progress and get most out of your B2B sales activities.

Why does Offer18 win? It offers less features compared to our software, making it difficult to report in detail.

4. Captiv8

This is an AI-powered marketing and content platform. It connects the brands to influencers and creators, enhancing the progress while ensuring effective lead generation and conversions. Captiv8 collects insights from various social media platforms for better-targeted campaigns.

Why does Offer18 win? Offer18 has more affordable options while it tracks ROI and conversions better.

5. Voluum

Voluum can be a nice tool to track and manage your paid and organic marketing efforts through one platform. You can automate various activities while tracking progress. With this software, your data is always safe.

Why does Offer18 win? While Voluum indeed has plenty of affiliate and marketing features, they come at a pretty high price, but slower ROI. Offer18 easily wins this one, as the ROI is quicker than you can imagine.

What Should A Great Performance Marketing Software Offer

Performance marketing is an essential component of an effective company plan that optimizes return and accelerates growth. Since every click and conversion is essential, it is of the highest significance to have accessible tools that enable us to monitor, evaluate, and enhance performance. Within this article, we will represent five of the most advanced Performance Marketing Software solutions Offer18 has, that simplify marketing activities while simultaneously moving the company ahead.

Mobile VAS Tracking Software Solution

Mobile value-added service (VAS) tracking software is beneficial for monitoring and enhancing mobile marketing initiatives. Companies can improve their mobile marketing strategies to achieve maximum effect with precise insights into user interactions with value-added services (VAS) offers such as subscriptions, downloads, sales, and renewals. Additionally, companies may measure essential metrics such as conversion rates, customer lifetime value (CLV) values, and churn rates while doing so.

Affiliate Network Tracking Software

Affiliate marketing grows reach and boosts revenue via third-party partnerships. Affiliate network tracking software helps you track your affiliate network. Affiliate network monitoring software simplifies the operation of affiliate programs by providing a centralized platform for tracking clicks, conversions, and commissions in one location.

Affiliate Link Tracking Software

Affiliate link-tracking software guarantees the effectiveness of affiliate marketing campaigns. By real-time monitoring, organizations can track clicks, conversions, and other metrics to make timely optimizations. Ensuring precise attribution involves using tracking codes or cookies attached to each affiliate link to guarantee accurate commission payouts.

The ability to track across multiple channels enables businesses to accurately attribute conversions to different devices and channels, giving a comprehensive view of customer journeys. Organizations can efficiently gather essential data points for better insights and decision-making through customizable tracking parameters.

Performance Tracking Software

Performance tracking software is essential for contemporary marketing strategies, providing advanced analytics and reporting capabilities. These solutions enable users to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing efforts across different channels and touchpoints. Performance tracking software provides a comprehensive view of campaign success by collecting data from various sources such as website analytics, advertising platforms, and customer relationship management systems. Individuals can use important metrics such as conversion rates, customer acquisition costs, and return on investment (ROI) to evaluate overall performance and pinpoint areas for enhancement. Businesses can use customizable dashboards and intuitive reporting features to gain actionable insights for refining marketing strategies, optimizing resource allocation, and driving sustainable growth.

Reporting Software

Providing organizations with Reporting Software Solutions Reporting software solutions play a crucial role in assisting organizations in transforming raw data into actionable insights that drive informed decision-making. By providing marketers with dashboards and reports that can be customized to their needs, reporting software may play a critical role in enabling them to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), assess campaign effectiveness, communicate insights with stakeholders, and continuously track KPIs.

Critical Features in Performance Marketing Software

While the mentioned performance marketing platforms have advanced features, here's what we made our top priority for Offer18:

  • Campaign Management: Conducted, operated, and controlled marketing campaigns on different platforms. So, one can run and manage campaigns from allocating budgets to creating ads.

  • Analytics and Reporting: Qualitative indicators of ROI are easy reporting, conversion rates, and click-through.

  • Attribution Modeling: Utilizing attribution modeling, marketers will be able to use their budget more efficiently by pinpointing the touchpoints that have a higher impact on conversions.

  • A/B testing: Run several of campaign elements tests like on a landing page, creatives, and ad text. A / B is a very efficient tool that can be used together with optimization campaigns to increase general effectiveness.

  • Automated Bidding: Automate bid adjustment through means of machine learning algorithms that provide responses to information about their efficiency. Make sure that bids track the campaign goals and objectives to a fuller development of ad spend.

  • Integration Capabilities: Well-connected with eCommerce platforms, email marketing software, CRM systems, and other remote promotional tools. A link between faux data platforms will make the marketing plan consistent and integrated.

  • Budget Management: Spend the marketing funds carefully and track how they are being utilized. Investing in ROI Optimization in the campaigns or channels can prove successful.

Advantages of using Performance Marketing Software

Lots of benefits are offered to companies trying to make the most out of their marketing spend, increase return on investment, and data-driven decision-making in Performance Marketing Software. Here are a few main benefits:

  • Measurable Outcomes: Performance marketing software can help companies monitor and assess the success of their real-time promotional activities. This focus on qualitative measures ensures that marketing endeavors are results-driven and consistent with company objectives.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Marketers will be capable of making timely and informed decisions based on real performance data thanks to the operationalization provided through marketing software that gives them access to massive analytics and reporting tools. This data-driven strategy makes marketing initiatives more strategic and successful.

  • Optimized Return on Investment (ROI): By evaluating campaign outcomes and adjusting strategies if needed, companies can optimize their marketing spending. This optimization enables resources to be focused on the channels and campaigns that produce the best returns.

  • Improved Personalization and Targeting: Performance marketing software helps companies in gathering data on consumer behavior and their likes. Effective targeting tactics can be developed, and the right marketing messages can be sent to the appropriate audience at an opportune moment with such data. More focused campaigns.

  • Attribution Modeling: Performance marketing software is one of those programs that can assist the business in understanding its clients’ experiences. Marketers can then effectively increase customer experience and spend their resources more strategically by identifying the touchpoints that contribute most to sales.

  • Scalability: In addition, Performance Marketing Software provides scalability so that businesses can grow their campaigns at the speed and scale they deem appropriate based on performances and goals. Therefore, there is a necessity to change organizational goals and market situations.

  • Effective Campaign Management: The software makes it easier to manage campaigns that include planning, implementation, and even monitoring and analysis. Better yet, they would design these campaigns right from the beginning to their end without spending much time or money on them.

  • A/B Testing for Continuous Improvement: A feature related to this is that marketers have the chance to conduct tests on different elements of a campaign, such as targeting parameters and wordings used in ads and images. This testing method is also an iterative one that allows for continuous development or improvement.

  • Automation to Save Time: Automation functionality of Performance Marketing Software saves time that was spent on tedious manual tasks. Automates tasks such as ad placement, bidding adjustments, and reporting so that the marketers can concentrate on more strategic planning and being creative.

  • Adaptability to Market Shifts: The digital environment constitutes the most volatile context, which requires flexible marketing strategies. Performance marketing software tools help businesses respond quickly as changes in market dynamics, trends, or consumer behavior occur so that their campaigns stay compelling and effective.


Investing in high-quality performance marketing software solutions is very necessary when it comes to improving marketing efforts, fulfilling corporate goals, and understanding conversion tracking. From mobile value-added service (VAS) tracking and affiliate network management to comprehensive performance analytics tools, marketers can use these solutions to make informed decisions, maximize return on investment (ROI), and stay ahead of the competition in today's performance marketing landscape. We at Offer18 offer the best solutions if you are looking for solutions. We capitalize on the capabilities of performance marketing software solutions, which open up new paths of growth and success in a constantly evolving landscape.

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