Migration to Offer18 has made TwyntyOne Media more innovative

Migration to Offer18 has made TwyntyOne Media more innovative

TwyntyOne Media & Advertising firm is Asia's premier new-age performance marketing agency. It is an intellectual powerhouse of the stupendous team with more than 5 years of industry experience. The team is consummate in whatever they do and possesses a formidable personality along with an excellent work ethic.

Its cutting-edge solutions cater to meet the customer's needs and are an inherent part of its vision. Clients have highly benefited by making use of all of its services and thereby recommending its specialized services to others as well.

Recently, we had an in-depth conversation with their Co-Founder and Head of Performance Marketing, who shared his experience with Offer18. Here are the excerpts of that:

Key Highlights

  1. Offer18 has enhanced our revenue and upscaled productivity.
  2. It addressed the dire need of providing a wide range of innovative solutions to solve day to day’s marketing problems.
  3. Using offer18 has helped TwyntyOne Media & Advertising firm to lower its tracking costs.
  4. Offer18 has eased out the employee management process for TwyntyOne Media & Advertising.
  5. Offer18 has enabled us to make strategic decisions with a 100% accuracy rate.

The main reason for migrating to Offer18

Our decision to migrate to Offer18 was mainly to reduce tracking costs and reduce time and effort. Their access to a host of outstanding tools and automated solutions has streamlined our daily work and helped us to iron out all our obstacles. Its tools and features are easy to use, easy to implement, and user-friendly. Our productivity has been inflated and we are seeing exponential growth in our business. Innovative solutions offered by Offer18 have been the crux of advertising and tracking activities.

However, that wasn't all. We also wanted to improve employee management, which was one of the stumbling blocks to doing our business smoothly and efficiently. Migration to Offer18 has sorted out all sorts of obstacles, providing us with comprehensive planning, tracking, and reporting capabilities, as well as allowing us to leverage employee management tools. Overall, migrating to Offer18 has been a rewarding experience for our company, enabling us to make strategic decisions with 100% accuracy.

Which is the main vertical of your business for which you are using Offer18?

The main vertical of our business for which we are using Offer18 is the CPI model. Offer18's tracking and reporting features have been essential in optimizing our CPI campaigns and maximizing our return on investment.

What challenges did you encounter with your previous tracking services provider?

We were facing innumerable challenges with our previous tracking services provider. Firstly, the tools and software were not easy to install and easy to use. They also cost us a fortune. By making use of these automation tools and software, we can save time, cost, and effort. In addition, when it comes to employee management, we can sail through in our work.

How did Offer18 assist you in ramping up your business and surmounting challenges?

Tracking cost is a crucial KPI for all ad campaigns. Offer18 has helped us in managing our marketing and ad budget. Now we can target the right demographic and target audience so that we do not need to spend too much on our ads which was a challenge for us. This has helped us in improving our ROI (return on investment).

Furthermore, we were weighed down by the use of these manual processes of managing employees and in this aspect, Offer18 offers came up with an exhaustive list of employee management tools that have made employee tracking and reporting a cushy job. Overall, Offer18 has helped us get rid of all the challenges we were encountering with our previous tracking services provider.

Any special setup in which our support team did aid you?

Yes, the Offer18 support team was particularly helpful in allowing us to integrate with a mobile attribution partner. Integration with mobile attribution partners helped us to track conversions in real-time by reporting app conversion-related discrepancies of all kinds. This has also enabled us to get easy access to new measurement features compared to other third-party platforms.

The support team worked in close liaison with us to deliver an efficient, measurable, and optimized campaign. Thanks to their valuable sights into mobile campaign performance which leads us to analyze and make real-time decisions as it accurately shows which media platform drives the most conversion.

Most useful features of Offer18 for you?

One of the most useful features of Offer18 for us has been its Advertiser URL Builder. It's a tool that allows users to add Offer parameters and macros to the Offer URLs to test, track, and examine the effectiveness of Offer18 Campaigns.

By adding the parameters to the Offer URL one can send information about the source, performance, and uniqueness of incoming traffic.

Also, with a single traffic source, the Campaign might be generating lots of revenue, but if a user is running with multiple sources, the user and his Advertiser come to know which of them is sending quality traffic that generates the most revenue.

How would you go about rating Offer18 in the categories below? Rating from 5 to 1 (If 5 stands for best and 1 stands for worst)
  1. Customer Service – 5
  2. Features included – 5
  3. Ease of use – 5
  4. Value for money – 5
  5. Overall experience – 5

Would you like to recommend Offer18 to others?

Yes, I would highly recommend Offer18 to other businesses that are looking for a cost-efficient and bankable automation solution for their marketing initiatives.

Summarize Your Experience with Offer18.

My experience with Offer18 has been extremely satisfying to the core. The platform is very cost-efficient and uses cutting-edge creative formats to reach the right audience at the perfect moment. Offer18’s support team consists of a team of very seasoned professionals and they provide us with solutions in a snap. Their dedicated customer support has helped us to achieve our goals by paring down our tracking costs to an exorbitant level. The use of automated tools and technologies has revamped the existing manual process and thereby making employee management tasks a cinch. I highly recommend Offer18 to other clients who are looking for a full-fledged automated solution for their businesses.

About TwyntyOne

TwyntyOne Media & Advertising firm strives hard to conjoin impactful, engaging creatives with effective media platforms so that brands can find those targeted audiences who want their service. It has a mission to apply innovative solutions to marketing problems to make sure brands meet their target audience and their KPI metrics at the lowest possible cost.

Company Size: 10+ Employees

Main Verticals: Mobile and Desktop

Market Presence: 5+ Years

Industries: Performance Marketing

Location: India

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