Migrating to Offer18 helped Trance Media to Improve Employee Management

Migrating to Offer18 helped Trance Media to Improve Employee Management

Trance Media is an all-in-one affiliate marketing platform with a highly experienced team. It boasts of empowering its clients with customized advertising solutions designed and developed based on its customers' vision. Recently, we had an in-depth conversation with their CEO, who shared his experience with Offer18. Here are the key details in this regard.

Key Highlights

  1. Offer18 has great features and best-in-class customer support
  2. Using Offer18 helped Trance Media lower costs
  3. The primary problem that Offer18 solved for Trance Media was employee management since they have over 10 employees at the company.

The main reason for migrating to Offer18

Our decision to migrate to Offer18 was driven by multiple factors. Firstly, we wanted to enhance our customer support and access more useful features for our digital marketing initiatives. Additionally, we were seeking an automation solution that would save time and money. The old platform's troublesome and time-consuming integration procedure further prompted us to make a shift.
However, that wasn't all. We also wanted to reduce our tracking costs and improve employee management, which was becoming increasingly challenging on the old platform. The move to Offer18 resolved all of these obstacles, providing us with comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities, as well as streamlined employee management tools. Overall, migrating to Offer18 has been a positive experience for our company, enabling us to achieve our goals while also reducing our operational costs.

Main Vertical of your business for which you are using Offer18?

The main vertical of our business for which we are using Offer18 is the CPL model. Offer18's tracking and reporting features have been essential in optimizing our CPL campaigns and maximizing our return on investment.

What challenges were you facing with your previous tracking services provider?

We were facing multiple challenges with our previous tracking services provider. Firstly, the integration procedure was problematic and time-consuming, which prompted us to seek an automation solution that would save us time and money. Additionally, our previous provider's tracking costs were becoming increasingly high, and employee management was also becoming a concern.

How did Offer18 help you in growing your business and overcoming challenges?

We have been using Offer18 for over a year. Since migrating to Offer18, we have experienced a significant improvement in our tracking services. Offer18 provides comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities, allowing us to monitor our marketing initiatives effectively. We have also been able to reduce our tracking costs, which were a major concern before the migration.
Furthermore, Offer18 offers streamlined employee management tools, which have greatly simplified our operations. Overall, Offer18 has helped us resolve all the challenges we were facing with our previous tracking services provider.

Any special setup in which our support team did help you?

Yes, your support team was particularly helpful in setting up Postback Integration. Postback Integration is a powerful feature that allows us to track conversions in real-time and optimize our campaigns for better results. However, setting up Postback Integration was a little complex and time-consuming for us, requiring technical expertise and knowledge.
Your support team worked closely with us to understand our requirements and guide us through the process, ensuring everything was set up correctly. Thanks to their expertise and support, we were able to leverage the full potential of Postback Integration and achieve better results for our campaigns.

Most useful features of Offer18 for you?

One of the most useful features of Offer18 for us has been its Employee Management tools. Offer18 provides a comprehensive set of features for managing our employees. With these tools, we can easily track the performance of our employees, identify areas for improvement, and incentivize top performers. We can also automate our payout processes, reducing the time and effort required for manual processing.

How would you rate Offer18 in the categories below? Rating from 5 to 1 (5 for best and 1 for worst)
  1. Customer Service – 5
  2. Features included – 4
  3. Ease of use – 5
  4. Value for money – 5
  5. Overall experience – 4.75

Would you like to recommend Offer18 to others?

Yes, I would highly recommend Offer18 to other businesses looking for a reliable and efficient automation solution for their marketing initiatives.

Summarize Your Experience with Offer18.

My experience with Offer18 has been extremely positive. The platform has been instrumental in streamlining our operations, saving us time and money while improving our marketing initiatives' effectiveness. Its comprehensive features have allowed us to automate different aspects of digital marketing, including tracking, reporting, payouts, and employee management.
Offer18's user-friendly interface and excellent customer support have made it easy to navigate and troubleshoot any issues. Their support team has been responsive and knowledgeable, providing quick and effective solutions to our queries. Additionally, Offer18's cost-effective pricing model has enabled us to maximize our ROI while minimizing operational costs. Overall, I highly recommend Offer18 to businesses seeking a reliable and efficient automation solution for their marketing initiatives.

About Trance Media

Trance Media drives large-scale traffic worldwide, heat up, and filter the best of it via optimum tools and technologies. They are driven by a mission to provide tailored mobile marketing solutions for brands, businesses, agencies, and networks with unmatched results by reaching their high-quality audience with top ROI.

Company Size: 10+ Employees

Main Verticals: Mobile and Desktop

Market Presence: 4+ Years

Industries: Performance Marketing

Location: India

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