How to Use Smart Offer in Affiliate Marketing?

How to Use Smart Offer in Affiliate Marketing?

If you are looking for the most prominent feature in affiliate marketing, which is expert in optimizing the traffic of your campaigns and ensuring that the leftover traffic is redirected to the most useful campaigns, then you have come to the right place to learn!

Smart Offer is the perfect solution and the best tool to optimize your digital campaigns. By using a single URL, the "Smart Offer'' allows you to promote multiple campaigns with various configurations. It is a single link that, when clicked, directs users to the appropriate offer.

When it comes to affiliate campaigns, the main task of affiliate marketers is to work with several campaigns and manage them separately. It is a cumbersome task to set different targeting criteria for every individual offer based on the nature of that very campaign. To make the task simpler and more effective, the smart offer was introduced in the industry. It contains several child offers in a single URL, basically a link that enables you to redirect traffic to the appropriate offer based on targeting parameters like geo and device. Therefore, it enables you to make use of traffic without wasting it.

The network algorithm of the smart offers detects and redirects the suitable offer to the right audience within a second. It works miraculously and is the most effective tool to boost the revenue of marketers. If you have diversified products that work on the basis of various attributions in different countries, then smart offers are a suitable way to manage your campaigns effortlessly.

For example, if your campaign is solely intended to target Americans and you are receiving more than half of your traffic from countries such as Germany, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates, that would be considered a waste of traffic in the case of individual campaigns. However, if you used a smart offer and promoted multiple campaigns on a single URL, the scenario would be different. The smart offer algorithm would have redirected the offer to the correct landing page that visitors were looking for. As a result, waste traffic scales tend to go down and conversion percentages move in an upward direction.

What Smart Offer can do for your Affiliate Campaign

The smart offer is a phenomenal tool to optimize the traffic and utilize it on the most pertinent campaigns. The main key features that will provide you with a raw idea of what a smart offer can do for your business are stated below:

  • Mechanized A/B Testing:- If you run multiple campaigns and don’t know which campaign is more profitable, or if you are a newbie and don’t have any idea how a particular campaign will perform, then using a smart offer is the best available option for you. It uses rotational A/B testing to make sure the right offer gets the right audience. A/B testing ensures and selects the best options from the available options and hence provides more profitable results.

  • Automatic Optimization:- The smart offer works as an automatic optimization of traffic by analyzing and measuring every attribution and monetizing every bit of traffic. Its system algorithm and detecting capabilities are what make it more powerful. It works automatically once the rules are implemented, which saves time and effort for every affiliate marketer that they can later utilize for the growth of their organization.

  • Improve the Conversion Ratio:- Conversions are an indicator of success for any business. If affiliate marketers use smart offers for campaign optimization then their smart algorithm automatically detects the campaign's suitability. On the basis of already defined attributions, it redirects the URL where people can genuinely connect with the campaign and end up performing the call to action. Hence, the scale of conversion automatically increases when you generate smart links for your campaigns.

  • All in One Smart Link for Multiple Offers:-

    As its name clarifies, it works on the basis of smart functionality. It remains a single URL despite the mobile or desktop devices used by the people or countries in which they want to get maximum traffic. It also takes other attributions into consideration, such as operating system and its version, user language, internet service provider, etc.

  • Redirect Appropriate Campaigns to the Right Audience:- The most appreciable quality a smart offer holds is the ability to redirect the appropriate campaigns to the right people in the most favorable circumstances. Unlike the traditional modes, where inappropriate traffic used to hold the largest percentage, which resulted in a huge cost to the affiliate marketers, this smart offer cut the cost to nil. Moreover, it increases their revenue. In a recent study, it was also proved that smart offers enhance the quality of traffic and increase the ROI by up to 20%. Yes! This small tool can bring massive change to the revenue chart of your business.

Smart Offer : How it Works

In the usual scenarios, affiliates select one campaign from a list of many, check the target audience requirements, and then promote it to receive an affiliate commission. However, in the smart offer, multiple campaigns can be linked to one single URL known as SmartLink, and affiliates can promote this single URL to their audience. The number of campaigns in a smartlink varies from platform to platform. In Offer18, one can add 50 child offers to one parent offer, or we can say 50 campaigns in one smartlink.

Smart links function according to predefined conditions in the name of attributions, and when they are met, they redirect campaigns to the target audience. Its functionality is confined to its parameters, or we can say terms and conditions.

Smart Link works on the basis of the following attributes:-

  1. Geo of the visitor, which can further be extended to the country, state, and city.

  2. The device used by the website visitors.

  3. The device’s operating system and operating system version.

  4. The Internet service provider and its connectivity.

  5. User language and many other attributions.

The smart offer internal algorithm checks all the parameters before redirecting the offer to certain users.

Once you create a smart offer and add the parameters, the workings of the smart offer begin.

  • Firstly, it checks the targeting requirements, schedule, and status of the offer along with affiliate approval.

  • Secondly, the capping rules that are already defined in the campaigns.

  • and lastly, if there are any other security measures taken while creating the campaign.

For example, if an affiliate marketer is using the Offer18 Performance Marketing Platform, then he can apply click block and conversion validate filters to optimize the traffic. This configuration is also taken into consideration by the smart offer.

After checking and measuring all the parameters, it moved to the selection procedure where suitable campaign requirements are matched with the traffic qualities.

When the offers are selected after meeting the required conditions, the next step is the redirection of the campaign as per the internal algorithm of the smart offer to optimize the traffic. The redirection mechanism is what makes the smart offer useful and unique.

After ensuring that the right landing page for the campaign is selected, it redirects it and enhances the likelihood of receiving interactive action or conversion from the targeted audience.

Benefits of Smart Offer in Affiliate Campaigns

Smart Offer is an all-in-one tool for holding multiple campaigns in a single URL. It carries bundles of benefits in itself to ease the work of affiliate marketers. Some of them are provided below:-

  1. Campaigns do not Need Manual Testing:- Manual testing for every individual campaign in the era of smartlink is like owning an expensive car but still traveling by foot. With the smart offer, you don’t need to test each and every campaign manually. Your tool will work for you. All you need to do is give it instructions by applying your required settings and it will work as per your wishes.

  2. Saves Time and Effort:- A tool invented to make the lives of affiliate marketers easier because it is an umbrella link that covers multiple offers and manages them simultaneously. There is no need to set the targeting and other attributions individually for every campaign. They can set the terms on the basis of their requirements and tada!! It works automatically for the rest of the tasks. Isn't it a useful tool for your campaigns?

  3. Minimize the Likelihood of Mistakes and Errors:- Smart Offer eliminates mistakes and errors due to its automatic functionality. Because of its efficient applicability based on the provided terms and less human intervention, campaigns work smoothly and efficiently. Revenue with eliminated mistakes in usual performance is similar to doubling performance with usual errors.

  4. Monetize every Segment of Traffic:- Being a believer in zero wastage, smart offers monetize every segment of traffic. It does this by automatically identifying the source of your traffic and then displaying on-the-point campaigns to each visitor. So, Smartlink ensures that you receive the highest portion of revenue.

  5. Boost Traffic Quality of Campaign:- Nowadays, it is very common to get huge traffic on campaigns by adopting paid advertisement mode, but what matters the most is the quality of the traffic. Low-quality traffic leads to more conversions than huge amounts of unrelated traffic. So the smart strategy to obtain leads is to focus on quality traffic, which can be implemented by generating smart offer. It helps you identify the right audience for your various campaigns and proves the success of your strategy.

  6. Ultimate Impact on Overall Revenue:- Smart offer work with nothing less than the most intelligent manpower who works 24 by 7 to fulfill the target of optimization. Its algorithm works in the most effective manner and reduces wastage. All the attached benefits of the smart offer will ultimately result in boosting the overall revenue of the organization.

Difference Between an Individual Offer and a Smart Offer

A smart offer provides a miraculous opportunity to enhance the comprehensive performance of the organization. It provides numerous benefits to affiliate marketers, which are lacking in individual offers. To make your analysis simple and effective, we have differentiated the two on the basis of certain dimensions.

  • Number of Offers

    Multiple offers in the smart link are what make it more dominant than the individual one. Affiliate links in individual offers point only to specific products or services. Affiliate links from smart offers do not point to one specific product but multiple products on the basis of their usage. Generally, the number of offers lies within a single smart offer, which is a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 50.

  • Traffic Utilization

    Traffic is the sole basis of the success of any affiliate marketing campaign. The only goal of affiliate marketers is to get the right audience to achieve the conversion rate milestone. In an individual offer, there is minimal criteria for waste traffic, but a Smart Link utilizes and optimizes every waste traffic.

    Smart offer ensures that every single click will be monetized because it detects on the basis of already defined attributions and redirects the campaign if it doesn’t match the requirements, whereas individual offers don’t guarantee the monetization of traffic because it works on the basis of manual settings in the offers. If the campaign doesn’t meet the requirements, then it is considered waste traffic.

  • Key Differences
    • In Smart Offer, manual testing is not required because it works on the basis of an internal algorithm, whereas in individual offers, manual testing of every offer is required to check the configurations.

    • It saves a lot of time and effort because one smart offer can cover 50 child offers in it but an individual offer is a time-consuming task because one needs to manage all the offers individually.

    • When a person generates a smart offer to promote his campaigns, the chances of errors and mistakes are reduced because its functionality is automated, whereas an individual offer is managed by manpower, which increases the likelihood of errors.


Smart offers seem difficult to implement because affiliate marketers need some technical knowledge and assistance to use them. That’s why we came up with this informative guide to give you a raw idea of how you can use this tool so easily and get the maximum benefit out of it.

To sum up the topic;

  • It is a single tool that works with one URL for multiple campaigns. It monetizes and optimizes the traffic in the best possible way, no matter from which country, language, internet, or device the traffic is coming from.

  • Its algorithm combines the best landing pages with the most suitable offer.

  • It reduces your cost of promotion and eliminates the waste of traffic if used diligently.

  • Affiliate marketers who are using smart offers have analyzed its significance in their business and how it provides tremendous growth in their business.

So, why hold on to the traditional modes when innovative features can work in your favor, reduce your costs, and build your supremacy in the industry!

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