Mobs10media: Using Offer18 after the migration has yielded Remarkable Outcome

Mobs10media: Using Offer18 after the migration has yielded Remarkable Outcome

Mobs10media employs novel technology to bring clients scalable options for their media targeting and the means of effectively reaching out to their mobile audience. Mobs10media have worked with leading brands across numerous countries and industries to drive traffic that leads to conversion and thus help them attain the best returns of investment.


  • Fulfilled major features requirements
  • Easiest to use
  • Able to create multiple users accounts
  • Secured our enterprise from fraudsters

Reason of Migration

We have faced a lot of troubles with tracking platforms in the past and the ease-of-use of being the most reoccurring. Offer18 is uniquely designed to have a very easy user interface which makes it possible for members of our organization to easily navigate without facing hitches. Our choice of Offer18 was further cemented when we learned of the extra effort put into securing our enterprise from fraudulence, and What's more, the cost for tracking is highly reasonable.

For which Campaign models/verticals are you using Offer18?

Because we offered and operated performance-based advertising, our major campaign model is CPI. We also use offer18 for CPA and CPL campaigns across various geographical areas.

Which features do you believe are most useful in Offer18?

After having used Offer18 for almost four years, we can affirm that our favorite features include the capping rule, easy reporting and tracking of ads and lead conversions, and the multiple targeting options, which allows us to project the right campaign to the right audience on multiple platforms.

How prompt the response you get from our support team?

Swiftly responsive to queries and matters and resolutions to tendered issues. Proficient and effective.

Any special setup in which our support team did help you?

We must say frankly that in our four years of partnership with offer18, we have only required minimal support, and this was in a matter pertaining to the link tester.

In Short Review

Within our five years of experience, we have had contact with various tracking providers, and most of them had major shortfalls which wouldn't satisfy us in fulfilling our marketing management means. Offer18 had helped fill the void by offering various advanced features which work in Vince to provide the most opportune tracking experience. Talking of experience, Offer18 has proven to be the easiest to use without having to break a bank. We highly advocate for Off18, and a trial will convince you.

About Mobs10media

Mobs10media is a well-performing mobile performance marketing company based out in India. Provider services worldwide with the vision of making an impactful contribution in the performance marketing industry.

Company Size: 50 Employees

Verticals: Mobile, Desktop

Market Presence: 5+ Years

Industries: Performance Marketing

Location: India

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