Growth Factors: Reason Why Yellow Digital Media Migrated to Offer18

Growth Factors: Reason Why Yellow Digital Media Migrated to Offer18

Yellow Digital Media is India's growing network leading in Mobile vertical Network. Yellow Digital Media has always been a performance-based network and has over 100 registered affiliates and having several brands worldwide! Every campaign at Yellow Digital Media is built according to individual specifications or needs of the affiliate industry to deliver quality performance.

Yellow Digital Media - Advantages of working with them.

NET 30 Payment in VAS, CPI, CPA & CPE vertical: fastest payment mode among all Indian networks. as well as transparency in the validation and on-time too.

Best VAS, CPI, CPA & CPE international offers: We have all the biggest international VAS, CPI, CPA & CPE performers on-board as the advertiser as well as publisher.

We’re using Offer18 for tracking which is known to be one of the easiest platforms including fraud detection tools. Whether or not conversions occur, an affiliate tracking software collects and analyzes data. It tracks leads, clicks, and sales. Tracking helps companies and affiliates understand their campaign's strengths and weaknesses. It allows firms to make improvements to the product and the campaign.

Challenges Faced.

The biggest challenges were complicating UI and delay in support queries of the previous tracking system, which were the main pain points.

Contributions of Offer18 in Solutions

YDM doesn’t face such problems or issues after opting services of Offer18. I always see offer18 team is available for their customers 24*7 and give their best to solve the client query.

Glossary of 2 Years Journey with Offer18.

We have been using Offer18 for the last 2 Years. It's a complete mixer of Affise , Hasoffer and Trackier. So its better to use offer18 Platform Instead of those highly-costing platforms. Easy Tracking system and including fraud detection tool. Price is efficient and support is also best 24x7 availability. .

Major area of business

Our main area of business is CPA, CPI ,CPL. Offer18 is compatible with all these models. So we are using Offer18 for CPA, CPI and CPL. .

Special Integrations (if any.)

The changes you made nowadays are perfect enough. Everythings looks good.

How do Offer18 different from other service providers?

Price is the key Point which makes you different from all the Platforms it's a combined product featuring all platforms. For an example, you can take in Affise only CPA and CPI model is working fine but if you want to do CPL which completely makes you in trouble.
There are plenty of features which are useful in daily tasks e.g. fraud detection, link tester and Offer sync API

In Short Review

Yellow Digital Media never ever wants to change their platform, we highly recommend Offer18 platform to others. Totally satisfied with the Tech team as well as Support team. We would like to give 10/10 points to the Client Support Team

Definitely, We’d likely recommend Offer18 to affiliate networks who can reduce their tracking cost and improve their revenue.

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