Advivify Media sharing their Experience of using Offer18

Advivify Media sharing their Experience of using Offer18

Advivify Media - A performance Ad Network with offices in India & US working on different performance Models Worldwide. Advivify is one of the leading digital advertising platforms that offers data-centric performance solutions for advertisers and publishers. Advivify is a privately owned international Performance/ Display/ Video/ Native Network. We provide world-class Affiliate, Mobile and Reward Solutions to hundreds of premium brands worldwide, helping our clients optimise their paid, owned and earned media to drive greater volume and value of sales, and higher marketing ROI than other performance-marketing companies.

Advivify Media sharing their Experience of using Offer18

Challenges faced before switching to Offer18?

The delayed Customer Support Response was the main Challenge. Also we have experienced server downtime for the longer periods that hampers our work while using previous Platforms.

Contributions of Offer18 in Solutions to the issues faced.

The Tech Support and Customer support of Offer18 Platform is really good and some features of the Platform are really useful for Affiliates, and Server downtime I never experienced so far with the Platform.

Glossary of 7 Month Journey with Offer18.

We have been using Offer18 for the last 7 months. We have not face any issue till now and we are fully satisfied with Offer18.
Also, Support team’s response time is very fast. We got a reply in under one minute. .

Campaign models / verticals they are working with, in Offer18?

Mainly we are using Offer18 for CPA,CPI,CPL. In all the models of campaign the integration is really easy. Even we integrated with mobile attribution partners quickly.

Any special setup in which our support team did help you?

In Appsflyer, Branch integration support team helps us a lot. which helped us in launching our first CPI campaign instantly. .

How do Offer18 different from other service providers?

Good Tech Support Services, Offer redirections, check and easy interface, which make Offer18 better than other platforms. .

Which features do you believe are most useful in Offer18?

The features that we use mostly and find most useful are Offer Automation, Call support,Personals Payouts and Other Setup of each affiliates.

In Short Review

Some of the Features and Interface of the Platform are really good, that makes Operations and Optimization of the campaigns easier. Customer Call support sometimes helps to fasten the process.

Definitely, We’d likely recommend Offer18. We are damn sure that nobody will ever regret using Offer18

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